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How Does a Video Sewer Line Inspection Take Place

Sewer lines are the last things on your mind, isn’t it? Obviously no one would ever think about them unless they get blocked and a panic situation arises. So, a better idea is to have your sewer lines inspected by a professional plumbing professional service provider to detect any problems early before becoming an expensive repair. A proper inspection of the sewer line usually includes a special camera that inspects through the line and gives the plumber a good idea of the line’s condition and helps locate the clogs. 


How is the video inspection done?

Video inspection of sewers usually involves a camera and an operator that displays the state of the inner walls of the sewers for a treatment action on the specific area. The following are some of the types of machines used for video inspection of sewer lines:


Push cameras are the simplest form of video inspection and are widely used by many of the plumbing professionals. It includes a long cord with a push cam on one end which enters the pipe that needs to be inspected and sends live images to the plumber feeding the cord into the system. The camera is pulled back after the inspection is completed. This method works fine when the user knows which of the pipes has a problem.


Sewer problems can develop not only in the mainline pipe, but can affect the branching lines too. The lateral launch systems inspect the pipelines by adjusting and launching a secondary camera for an inner reach.


During video inspection with crawlers, a camera tractor with an attached flexible cable at its back runs through the sewer pipelines. The camera enters from an access pipe which then flows down the sewer through a manhole. The technician places the service truck right above the suspected pipe so that he can control the speed and movement of the camera to have a clearer view. Followed by this, the operator sets up the down-hole roller that in turn prevents the cable from causing any further damage to the top of the pipeline by rubbing. Once the set-up is done, the operator proceeds with further investigation by operating the camera tractor remotely from the service tractor. After completion of the process, the camera is removed by reversing the cable and gear.

A camera inspection can help detect blockages and corrosion and by having this inspection done before the occurrence of any problem saves you both time and money.

A sewer block can erupt at any time and be disastrously embarrassing. One of the best methods of preventing damage to your sewer line is to avoid washing down things like wet wipes, caustic liquids or grease down the drain. In spite of taking these preventive measures, experts suggest home owners to hire professional plumbing services and let them inspect the sewer lines at regular intervals to help detect potential issues.

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